Krav Maga Summer Camp(G-E Camp)


July 4 @ 08:00 – July  8 @ 14:00

Guerrilla Krav Maga, in cooperation with the Institute Krav Maga of Ireland, will organize this summer, the first Krav Maga Summer Camp in Athens from July 4 to 8, 2018.

Specifically, on July 4-7 the camp will include a daily workout and on July 8, 2018, exams will be conducted for anyone who wants to catch the next level.

The camp can be attended by anyone who has an early experience in full-contact martial arts or has level P3 and above in Krav Maga. Furthermore, in whatever Krav Maga organization you belong to, you can participate in our Camp, provided that the company in which you belong, follows the P, G, E system, in case you wants to participate in exams.

Exams will be conducted for levels from G1 to G5 and E1 to E2.

The Camp will be taught by Artur Dziadkowiec Expert5 (, and by Panos Zacharios Expert 1 ( )

The diplomas that the examiner will receive will be signed by both Experts.

The Camp program is structured in such a way that anyone who takes part can at the same time make his holidays in beautiful Greece this summer.

Each day the training starts at 8am and end at 2pm, so all participants will have the rest of the day free to enjoy their holiday, swim in the sea, see the city’s sights, go walk in the center of Athens, walk in the streets of Plaka, and relax while enjoying the sunshine of Greece.

The administration could help those who come from abroad to find a hotel, rent a car, find a means of transport, help them by closing their tickets to see Acropolis and other city sights, suggesting them where to go for a swim, for shopping and also where o go for drinks in order to see the nightlife of Athens.

The camp will take place in Athens at Guerrilla’s headquarters, which is located in the area of Agios Dimitrios, just 7 kilometers away from the city center, giving all participants the opportunity to easily see all the sights of Athens.

What to expect from the Camp:
The first four days will be taught Krav Maga Techniques for Levels G1-G5 and E1-E2 and will be targetιing for those who want to pass an exam by getting a higher level, in order to be prepared properly for the last day.

Wanting to get Krav Maga and its techniques one level above, whoever takes part should be prepared for training with tension, fatigue and sweat. Also, there will be contact, sparring, but also ground and kick boxing. All the techniques will be performed with speed, strength and with our sole concern that the material which you receive will be realistic and everyone will be sure that whatever they learn it will work.

If I want more training can I have it?
For those who wants extra training, there are Krav Maga daily afternoons classes that can be attended, as well as Suspension Training and Calisthenics sections, all these programs are free of charge. There is also the possibility of private lessons with one of the teachers at extra charge.

For further information, prices and all the procedures in order to take part in the camp please contact as per following or you can send your message via facebook or directly to our school or ask your instructor for information:

Mobile : +30 6944222877


Guerrilla HQ

Leoforos Agiou Dimitriou 294

Athens, Attica 17564 | Greece

   + Χάρτης Google
Phone:+30 6944222877



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