The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kallos, which means ¨perfect¨, and sthenos, meaning ¨strength¨.

Calisthenics is inspired by the training technique taught to warriors in ancient Greece and requires full mind and body concentration.

It is a form of exercises that use one’s body weight as resistance, and consists of a variety of simple, often performed rhythmically movements designed to increase physical strength and flexibility. When performed vigorously and with variety, these exercises not only can improve psychomotor skills, such as balance, agility, and coordination, but they can also benefit muscle and cardiovascular health.

Sports teams and military units often perform group Calisthenics, as a form of synchronized physical training, in order to increase group coherence and discipline. Calisthenics is also popular as components of physical education in primary and secondary education internationally.

In addition to the various stretches, some of the more common calisthenic exercises include:

Repeated Calisthenics exercises help develop high levels of body strength and can be used to achieve muscle stimulation.

Guerrilla Tactical Strength provides daily classes on Calisthenics from Monday to Friday (18:00-19:00) for all levels (beginners- medium-advanced). Moreover, there is the Open Gym option. This means that everyone who wants to train himself on calisthenics can run the program on his own whenever he wants, during the school’s working hours, always under a trainer’s supervision.

Guerrilla’s trainers are highly qualified and always ready to teach and help you to evolve steadily and without any injury that can easily be caused to an inexperienced athlete who starts off on his own.

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