I don’t need machines I am one !

GST (Guerrilla Suspension Training) started as a project in the summer of 2015 after years of experience in training with straps.

GST Suspension is the top form of functional training with straps, suitable for everyone.

Suspension Training techniques are designed to activate the body as a unique coordinated system. They use bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

GSTusescombined exercises, functional movements, and dynamic positions and achieves:

  • Upright workout
  • Training of the whole body
  • Three – dimensional workout of the muscular system
  • Maximizing torso operation

We can help you train properly, regardless of your physical condition.

Our main goal is to increase your strength and stamina, as well as the burning of fat.

Guerrilla Tactical Strength provides daily classes on GST from Monday to Friday.


All straps used in GST Guerrilla Suspension Training are made exclusively in Greece.

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