Krav Maga is considered globally one of the best self-defense systems for children.

Except initiating him/her into the principles of respect and discipline, Krav Maga training helps a child to:

  • Learn how to recognize common threats, such as bullies and abductors.
  • Improve his/her self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Develop the coordination of his/her body parts and learn to follow rules.
  • Take knowledge of self-defense techniques, carefully adapted to his/her age, his/her physical and mental abilities.

Guerrilla Tactical Strength provides classes for kids and teenagers. At the age of 9, a child is already able to learn how to handle his/her body so as to be trained to defend himself/herself efficiently when needed. In these classes, students train with children of the same age as well as adults, always with the consent and supervision of their parents.